Oct 21, 2012

Gustav Klimt- the Symbolist Genius

"The Kiss" 1907–1908

I couldn't have started my blog from a different post than this one, about Gustav Klimt

He is one of my favorite artists and his painting "The Kiss" is a quintessence of everything that I love in art...Beauty of women, geometrical elements, symbolism, colours and atmosphere. All elements makes this paining unique, beautiful and a line between traditional and modern art. It's a blend of renaissance, baroque and cubism, which is about to appear soon after.

Feminine elements are enhanced by the golden and silver chords. The woman face is so real, while we can't see the face of her partner, which suggests that she is more important. Her gown is beautifully ornamented, full of mosaic and floral elements. While the man's gown is filled with geometrical patterns, which impose masculine shapes, woman’s gown is flowery and this definitely imposes her connection to earth and nature.
This painting shows us the real love, two lovers are symbolically dissolving in an embrace. Man protects woman, because she is delicate and feminine. She is captured in the moment when she is waiting for the kiss...There is hesitation, eroticism, desire, true love, all feelings blend while the lovers stays in the close embrace. Their souls are united.

"The Kiss" definitely makes us think about the scene, which we have just seen. Leaves us with reflection and every person can find in it a bit of their feelings, emotions, desires and everything else they miss in their life...

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