Nov 11, 2012

Madame Hollywood

Hollywood Glamour Style

Everything started in 1930 when during the Golden Age of Hollywood the new style in interior design has been created –the Hollywood Regency Style. The interior style where everything is about glamour, luxe, glitz and over-the-top was matching to the lifestyle of elite. The most important were details like: decorated mirrors, oversized chandeliers with crystals, shiny fabrics and fringed lampshades. Dark and heavy curtains, lacquered furniture, silk and velvet drapes gave very attractive, eclectic and glamorous look. But the philosophy that came along was not only about furniture and accessories, the true purpose was to create cozy and comfortable space where people can socialize and entertain each other, it was the part of their lives. Almost every room had to look like from magazine cover. Very often movie stars were actually being photographed in their apartments. This style in modern version is back in interior design, so if you value glam, vintage and you host many parties this will be a perfect choice. If you just want to redecorate your apartment add some beautiful and luxurious details, because details make the difference.
One of my favorite actresses from the Golden Era is Marlene Dietrich, the true icon of that century. Although she never owned house in Hollywood her apartment at 993 Park Avenue in Manhattan was a perfect example of Regency style.

Marlene Dietrich in her dressing room, 1932

One of the most important rooms back then was the dressing room with a glam vanity set, large mirror and soft carpet. Many Hollywood actresses were photographed in this place, so did Marlene.

Modern version of the style with mirrored elements and zebra rug. By David Hicks, Melbourne.

Dita Von Teese’s Vanity set at her house, 2011.

Marlene Dietrich portrait from Manpower by Bert Longworth, 1941
 Modern version of glamour style. In this living room cocktail party definitely can last for a very long time!

 Consistency of colors and fabrics. Beautiful framed TV instead of a mirror…very nice touch.

Glamour is in a crystal chandelier, soft carpet, lacquered table, simple white sofas and heavy curtains.

This living room is also an example of Regency Hollywood Style but in a bit more vintage version. Green silk cushions break the consistency of beige and cream space and give it more life. Mirrored coffee table with crystal decanter, glasses and flowers shows that this is definitely a cozy home.

Creamy, lacquered desk, blue velvet chairs, shiny wallpaper and flowers create a fashionable lady’s office. Very modern but also in typical Hollywood style. By Cynthia Mason Interiors.

Bedroom in feminine, glam style. Vintage wallpaper, velvet and silk fabrics,
 mirrored bedside cabinets

Velvets, button-tufting cushions, mirrors, gorgeous lighting all these
elements gives this bedroom that old Hollywood glam. By Geometrix.

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